Material procurement

Our annual felling rate is about 45.000m³, half of which white wood
and half of which red wood. Our own forest department procures and fells
wood taking into consideration both the nature and local conditions.
We don't use wood from conservation areas or otherwise disputable places.
Our management is committed to following the requirements of
tracking the source of forest-based products.

We also participate in regional certifying of forests.
We purchase 80% of our raw material from local forest owners by both
stump and delivery sales. Delivered items are taken in with factory measurement.


All log shipments are decked and inspected with factory measurement.
Factory measurement is continually controlled and it is accepted by
The Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


Of about 45.000m³ high quality logs our production line of three head saws
produces about 22.000³ red and white wood lumber. Production line is
equipped with a digital camera system, which allows us to control the quality
of the end products during the sawing process.

Sorting and packaging

After the initial sawing process, the fresh lumber is sorted by quality and dimensions
in our modern combined packaging and sorting facility and then lathed for kiln drying.
After the drying process the lumber is packaged for either further refining or to be sold
to retailers and end users.

Kiln drying

To kiln dry our lumber we use three 60m³ Tekmawood drying facilities.
Drying facilities are warmed with by-products from our sawmills, for example
with bark and filings.

Further Processing of Sawn Timber

In further refining of timber we aim for customer-oriented production.
We've planned our machinery to maximize flexibility, allowing us to
effectively produce even the smallest special orders. We are able to deliver
resawed, planed, tongue-and-groove, base coated, plastic packaged, cut-to-size
lumber with dimensions, profile and quality suited for customers' needs.

Our machinery consists of one Stenner-resaw, Waco's eight cutter plane, Friulmac's
tongue-and-groove machine, a painting line and Samec Products' plastic packager.

Half of the finished products are sold in Finland and half exported to foreign markets,
for example to Arab States, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain and Spain.