We've been producing lumber on this very same site since late 1800's. The sawmill, which started from the collaboration of the villagers expanded and developed to the point that the Senate of Imperial Finland confirmed the corporation charter of Luopajärvi Steam Sawmill joint stock company in year 1913.

Developement of the sawmill carried on through the wars, and for example in 1960's a new sawmill was built. This sawmill continued its operation until the fire in 1986, which burned down the whole sawmill and forced us to base our operation only on further processing of lumber for more than a year.

1987 we began operating the sawmill with the current ownerbase, first only refining and dealing lumber. The sawmill was rebuilt and in 1990's we carried out a thorough renewal program:
Combined sorting and packaging facility of lumber completed in 1993
Log sorting line with laser measurement capability in 1995
Dryers 1997
Refinement facility 1998
Service facilities 2000
Renewed sawmill 2002
Modernised office building 2008